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03 Nov

IPCO v Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation – Another African Legal Saga with International Implications, by Solomon Ebere

In this article, our Senior Associate Solomon Ebere considers the international implications of the African legal saga IPCO v Nigerian National Petroleum.

31 Oct

Gabrielle Holly, Access to Remedy Under the UNGPs Vedanta and the Expansion of Parent Company Liability, EJIL Talk

In this article, Associate Gabrielle Holly considers the UK Court of Appeal decision in Lungowe and others v. Vedanta Resources and addresses the access to remedy under the UN Guiding…
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05 Jul

Getma v Republic of Guinea – an African Legal Saga with International Implications, by Solomon Ebere

In this article, Senior Associate Solomon Ebere considers the international implications of the African legal saga Getma v Republic of Guinea.

26 Aug

Cherie Blair and Miriam González: why companies must act on slavery law

Nearly 46 million people are enslaved globally – an estimated 12,000 of them in the UK – generating illegal profits of $150bn (£114bn). However unwittingly, British consumers and businesses are sustaining this cruel exploitation, with slavery likely to exist in the overseas supply chains of most large UK companies.

16 May

Cherie Blair: Firms must end the scandal of modern slavery

The Evening Standard Reports that “Cherie Blair has warned businesses that they will be forced to publish ‘more and more’ reports about their human rights performance as she made a new appeal to firms to help stamp out the ‘scandal’ of modern slavery.”

17 Apr

2016 The Phoenix of Multilateral Investment Treaties

In this article, Senior Associate Solomon Ebere discusses the agreement for the promotion, protection and guarantee of investments for members of the Organisation of the Islamic Conference and the impacts…
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03 Feb

Mining Indaba 2016

Cherie Blair speaks on Sustainability and Mining in Africa alongside Bridgette Radebe in Cape Town, February 2016.

“Investors, corporates and political leaders around the world are increasingly aware of the positive impacts that responsible business can have on the communities and environment they operate in. Mining companies, regardless of their size, can behave in a way that not only gives their shareholders a return, but also guarantees the long term success of their businesses and satisfies host governments, consumers and employees alike. Companies that stand for something are the ones that mark themselves out from the crowd. It is these mining companies that governments, investors and other stakeholders will seek to support when times get challenging.”

26 Jan

Warsaw Bar Association

Cherie Blair addresses the Warsaw Bar Association on “How Can Today’s Lawyers Best Serve Modern Business?”, 26 January 2016.

03 Dec

The Times: Cherie Blair and Lord Deben comment on The Modern Slavery Act

During an outing to buy a new television, the Simpson golden calf, Marge memorably declares that the family cannot “afford to shop at any store that has a philosophy”. A lot has changed since that episode was first aired in 1996. Today we ask what company can afford not to have a responsible philosophy and practice what it preaches?

01 Dec

Cherie Blair speaks at the Global African Investment Summit 2016

Chair of Omnia Strategy, Cherie Blair, spoke at the 2nd Global African Investment Summit hosted in London today.

Joining the Corporate Africa panel together with The Abraaj Group, Bechtel, Safaricom, Vodafone, Prudential and PWC, Mrs Blair discussed the role of the African private sector in driving the transformation of the continent.

She will also be participating in a workshop co-organised with Veracity Worldwide to discuss the key questions that investors should consider to avoid the pitfalls of failed investments and achieve lasting gains.