Our expertise

Settlement, Negotiation & Mediation

Omnia’s approach to disputes prioritises achieving swift, private and efficient resolutions, preferably without entering into costly legal proceedings.

We are pragmatic and strategic problem-solvers, assessing all aspects of a dispute, including the merits, options for a negotiated settlement, commercial and policy considerations and reputational issues. We will vigorously defend our clients in legal proceedings if that is the best course of action. However, we also provide strategic advice and robust representation in settlement negotiations or mediation in order to resolve disputes in accordance with our clients’ objectives.

Select Settlement Negotiation Experience

  • Omnia successfully negotiated a settlement between Sutton Energy and its European counterparties relating to an investment in a West African port concession.
  • Omnia successfully helped an Eastern European State client settle a dispute with a US technology company that had filed a claim at UNCITRAL.  In parallel to the arbitration proceedings, we prepared a strategic roadmap for settlement, including advice on the composition of the settlement steering committee, and advised our client throughout the settlement negotiation process.
  • Omnia successfully helped a Central Asian state client to settle a dispute with a major international financial institution. We conducted a legal analysis of the dispute, engaged relevant stakeholders and provided a strategic roadmap for settlement negotiations.
  • Omnia successfully negotiated a settlement between a private company and its Nigerian shareholder related to an airline logistics company and ancillary properties in order to avoid litigation between the parties.
  • Omnia acted as a trusted intermediary facilitating the successful resolution of a dispute, centered in West Africa, between a global shipping company and a maritime services business.  Omnia brokered a private settlement in parallel with conventional arbitral proceedings.
  • Omnia successfully resolved a complex dispute between an international security company and a counterparty based in the Horn of Africa involving contractual and criminal allegations.
  • Omnia successfully resolved a dispute between an international aviation company and a West African government regarding an operational licence agreement.
  • Omnia successfully represented employees in disputes with employers including an airline, an energy company, a Russian bank, an international hotel group and a major beverage producer.