About us

A specialist law firm providing world-class bespoke solutions to cross-border disputes

Omnia is an international law firm that specialises in dispute prevention and resolution around the globe.

Led by Cherie Blair CBE, KC, our firm is committed to achieving our clients’ objectives no matter the size, complexity or nature of the challenge.

We believe in delivering real value and our lean model and flexible fee structures mean we are consistently more competitive than other firms while maintaining impeccable standards of client service and an exceptional success rate.

A Unique Approach

In an increasingly inter-connected and fast-paced society, our clients’ problems require more than one-dimensional legal solutions. In response, Omnia’s creative cross-disciplinary approach and worldwide network provide an answer.

Unlike conventional law firms, our unique law+ model combines remarkable legal capabilities with an unrivalled multi-disciplinary skillset across: policy, business and communications.

We promise our clients partner-led service from an elite team of handpicked experts ensuring we always engage precisely the right people for every matter.