Our expertise

Enforcement & Recovery

Omnia assists its clients in multi-jurisdictional disputes, as well as in all aspects of the post-judgment or post-award phase, including enforcement proceedings and global asset tracing.

Omnia acts on behalf of private and public entities, including States and State-owned entities, whether award or judgment creditors or debtors, with respect to awards rendered in both commercial and investment treaty arbitrations, and judgments rendered by national courts.

Select Enforcement & Recovery Experience

  • Omnia is representing a Nigerian entity in proceedings brought before multiple jurisdictions (including the United States, the United Kingdom and Nigeria) to seek the enforcement of a USD 1 billion judgment.
  • Omnia is representing a UK shipping and logistics business seeking to recover an arbitral award against a Nigerian oil services business.
  • Omnia is representing a Burkinabe entity in an international dispute in the real estate sector involving multiple jurisdictions (including the United Kingdom and France).
  • Omnia represented a Balkans government in the enforcement of an arbitral award for full costs against a US-based company.