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Omnia Strategy Senior Associate Solomon Ebere, Interviewed by Arbitrator Intelligence

Arbitrator Intelligence, an initiative spearheaded by U.S. Prof Catherine Rogers in the context of their Africa Campaign, is a non-profit academically affiliated entity with the mission to increase arbitration and arbitrator transparency. Their core methodology is to promote transparency, accountability, and diversity in arbitrator selection by increasing access to critical information about arbitrators and their decision-making by evaluation and dissemination of data with the purpose of making it easier to identify qualified and diverse arbitrators.

Arbitrator Intelligence is delighted to be continuing their African Arbitrators Interview Series. Their second interview featured our very own Senior Associate, arbitrator and attorney Solomon Ebere. Solomon who is based at our offices in London, is a dual qualified United States and Paris Attorney and has extensive first hand experience of African based disputes.

The interview was conducted by Africa Ambassador and barrister Sajid Suleman.

The link to the full video interview can be found here

The link to the Arbitrator Intelligence Website can be found here