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International human rights experts concerned about growing trend of arbitrary detention of foreign nationals abroad

Geneva, 26 June, 2019 – Yesterday, Cherie Blair CBE, QC hosted a high-profile discussion in Geneva to coincide with the 41st session of the UN Human Rights Council. The expert panel highlighted the increasing trend of business executives being arbitrarily detained and criminalisation of legitimate business activities.

Attendees from the diplomatic community, private sector, civil society and media heard about the high-profile case of Marsha Lazareva, CEO and Vice Chairman of KGL Investments. Ms Lazareva continues to face charges in Kuwait after being imprisoned and separated from her 4 year old son for 472 days. Her conviction, based on evidence that has since been proved to be forged, has been overturned and her sentence of 10 years imprisonment with hard labour has been quashed, yet her first witnesses were permitted to testify only three days ago.

The full press release can be downloaded below or read here: 20190626 Geneva event press release