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25 Aug

Lecture on Business and Human Rights to the Sri Lanka Bar Association

Cherie Blair gave a special lecture on Business and Human Rights to members of the Sri Lanka Bar Association

18 Aug

Rwandan intelligence chief will not be extradited to Spain

Rwanda’s Chief of Intelligence and Security Services, Lieutenant General Karenzi Karake, has been freed unconditionally

01 Jul

New York Arbitration Center

Cherie Blair acting as keynote for New York International Arbitration Center’s Inaugural Flagship Event

03 Jun

Responsible Investor

Interview: Cherie Blair on the role of investors in shaping better business practices

13 Mar

Omnia Seminar in Belgrade

Omnia delivered a seminar in Belgrade on 13 March 2015 with Karanovic Nikolic on “Evolving trends and innovative techniques in dispute resolution”

11 Mar

Omnia Seminar in Tirana

Omnia delivered a seminar in Tirana with Haxhia & Hajdari on 11 March 2015 on “Resolving complex international disputes: Navigating complex and sensitive disputes in challenging political environments/jurisdictions”

10 Mar

Adriatic Oil and Gas Summit

Cherie Blair speaks on “Key legal issues surrounding oil and gas exploration” at the Adriatic Oil and Gas Summit, Budva Montenegro, 10 March 2015.

25 Feb
19 Feb

The Global African Investment Summit

Cherie Blair CBE, QC, Founder and Chair of Omnia Strategy LLP, is among the 16-strong Programme Steering Committee for the 2nd Global African Investment Summit in London (24th & 25th November).

12 Feb

How human rights can be an integral part of business success, Cherie Blair in The Times

The idea that human rights should form an essential platform for company strategies may seem like an unlikely concept, particularly at a time when companies are facing a frightening mixture of political upheaval, disruptive technology and the steady march of regulation that is very hard to navigate. Surely human rights must be way down on the agenda?