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October 2014

23 Oct

The Global Arbitration Review

Cherie Blair makes arbitration a focus

Cherie Blair QC is to leave Matrix Chambers, the London barristers’ set she co-founded 14 years ago, to focus on international legal and advisory work and to sit as an international arbitrator.

Blair – the wife of former UK prime minister Tony Blair – will conduct her work through Omnia Strategy, “a pioneering multi disciplinary law firm” that she founded in 2011, with offices in London and Washington, DC.

23 Oct

The Financial Times

Cherie Blair leaves human rights’ barristers’ practice

Cherie Blair, wife of former UK premier Tony Blair, has stepped down from the human rights
barristers’ practice she co-founded to focus on her consultancy – advising governments,
multinationals and private clients.

23 Oct

The Lawyer

Cherie Blair QC leaves Matrix Chambers

Blair has left the chambers in order to take up a full-time role at Omnia, which she currently chairs. The move comes months after Omnia launched an office in Washington DC.

Omnia was founded by Blair in 2011 and now has offices in London and Washington as well as having Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) approval for its alternative business structure licence last year.

21 Oct

Investing in Africa on its own terms by Cherie Blair CBE, QC

How can companies operating in Africa contribute to long term social and economic returns for its people?

Four African leaders are meeting in London today with a very clear common agenda: promoting Africa as a land of opportunity and investment potential for international corporations and investors. As a barrister and an adviser to businesses on the implementation of Good Global Corporate Citizenship, I believe this gathering needs to be viewed as far more than just a commercial forum for investors to diversify their portfolios but also as a unique opportunity to foster long term value-adding partnerships on the continent.