Dec 2015

The Times: Cherie Blair and Lord Deben comment on The Modern Slavery Act

During an outing to buy a new television, the Simpson golden calf, Marge memorably declares that the family cannot “afford to shop at any store that has a philosophy”. A lot has changed since that episode was first aired in 1996. Today we ask what company can afford not to have a responsible philosophy and practice what it preaches?

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Dec 2014

Time for human rights to get down to business?

Businesses, governments and civil society descended on Geneva last week for the2014 UN Forum on Business and Human Rights, the largest global gathering in the business and human rights field. There were lofty statements of high ambition but the pervasive tone and success of the Forum was more prosaic: nitty-gritty implementation.

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Oct 2014

Investing in Africa on its own terms

How can companies operating in Africa contribute to long term social and economic returns for its people?

Four African leaders are meeting in London today with a very clear common agenda: promoting Africa as a land of opportunity and investment potential for international corporations and investors. As a barrister and an adviser to businesses on the implementation of Good Global Corporate Citizenship, I believe this gathering needs to be viewed as far more than just a commercial forum for investors to diversify their portfolios but also as a unique opportunity to foster long term value-adding partnerships on the continent.

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