International Counsel

Omnia Strategy provides strategic advice to governments, multinational corporates and private clients. We work closely with Board members, General Counsel and senior management teams as well as high-level Government officials, Ministers and Special Advisors. Our experience and network of leading partners and experts enable us to offer political and commercial insight which is unrivalled among traditional law firms.

We are distinguished by our ability to navigate legal, regulatory, commercial and reputational risks. We bring deep legal expertise, commercial awareness, practical solutions and a strong capacity to build relationships with Government decision makers and key advisors to ensure that our clients’ messages are well understood.

  • General advisory

  • Market entry

  • Cross-border transactions

  • Corporate governance


International Counsel Case Studies

Strategic and Legal Counsel
Omnia Strategy provided strategic and legal advice for a Ghanaian telecoms company. Omnia Strategy is involved in all areas of the project, acting as the trusted advisor to the licence holder:

  • Identifying strategic technical partners;
  • Collaborating with corporate finance advisors on funding structures and strategy;
  • Advising the founder on strategic and legal aspects of the project; and
  • Providing advice on a tailored communications strategy.

International Cross-Border Transactions and Market Entry
Omnia Strategy advised an international company on market entry into a West African country. The client had encountered difficulties in navigating the regulatory and government relations aspects of market entry. Within a short timeframe, Omnia Strategy was able to assist the client in securing the delayed licences and overcoming obstacles by:

  • Assisting our client in navigating the difficulties;
  • Providing intelligence-led governmental relations advice;
  • Advising the senior management on communications; and
  • Advising on an effective strategy for dealings with the relevant authorities.

International Cross-Border Services
Omnia Strategy is providing a high profile individual from West Africa with private client services including:

  • Global property acquisitions including both family residences and offices;
  • Recruitment of key staff and establishing a potential family office;
  • Immigration issues; and
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and philanthropic activities.


Public & Private International Law

Omnia Strategy advises corporates at all stages of the business cycle, helping them navigate international laws and regulations. Using our international perspective and specialist local knowledge we advise corporates on structuring their international investments. We have particular experience in issues relating to Global Corporate Citizenship with a focus on corporate social responsibility and business and human rights.

Omnia Strategy also advises Governments on bilateral investment treaties, the implementation of international treaties, as well as institutional capacity building, legislative reform and promoting the rule of law.

  • Global corporate citizenship

  • Investment treaties and foreign direct investment

  • Legislative reform

  • Capacity building


Public & Private International Law Case Studies

Legislative reform and institutional capacity building
Omnia Strategy advised an African government on the implementation of a United Nations environmental protocol on biodiversity. We provided strategic advice, including:

  • Recommendations on the necessary legal and regulatory reforms for implementing the international protocol;
  • Guidance on the national strategy for biodiversity and sustainability;
  • Advice on the implementation of the institutional framework (institution building, dispute resolution mechanisms, compliance and enforcement);
  • Advice on legal negotiations for related contracts with multinational corporations; and
  • Governmental and community stakeholder consultations and awareness-raising.

International investment treaties
Omnia Strategy advised a high profile government on its investment treaties, including:

  • Reviewing the Government’s existing bilateral investment treaties and involvement in investor-State disputes;
  • Advising on how to minimise risks and exposures to investment treaty arbitrations;
  • Advising on balancing arbitration risk with promoting foreign direct investment and protecting the legitimate rights and expectations of investors;
  • Advising on reforms to related domestic policies and legislation; and
  • Advising on model treaties.

Business and Human Rights
Omnia Strategy is advising a mining company on the integration of the 2011 UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights throughout its operations, prioritizing practical measures that can be taken by management at reasonable cost. This process includes:

  • Drafting human rights and other related corporate policies ;
  • Training the Board and Senior Management on the policy;
  • Advising on effective grievance mechanisms; and
  • Leading on-the-ground stakeholder engagement with employees, local community representatives and government officials.


International Dispute Resolution

Omnia Strategy’s team has a track record of resolving conflicts in our clients’ interests. Our ability to act swiftly, decisively and discreetly ensures that our clients avoid unnecessary public exposure and often pre-empts the need for expensive, time consuming litigation.

Omnia Strategy specialises in facilitating settlements, bringing parties together and establishing credible mutually acceptable solutions. In the event that disputes reach court or arbitration, Omnia Strategy provides clients with robust, tenacious and effective representation.

  • Legal advice & representation

  • Mediation & negotiation

  • International arbitration

  • Investor-State disputes


International Dispute Resolution
Case Studies

Investment treaty arbitration

    Representation of States
  • Omnia Strategy is acting as Counsel to the Government of Pakistan in parallel ICSID and ICC arbitration proceedings initiated by an Australian company under a bilateral investment treaty in a dispute concerning a significant mining concession.
  • Omnia Strategy acted as legal counsel to the Republic of Albania in UNCITRAL arbitration proceedings. Omnia successfully represented Albania against a claim brought by a US company arising out of an oil exploration and production concession, with all costs awarded to the Government.

  • Representation of Investors
  • Members of the Omnia Strategy team represented Turkish construction companies in two ICSID arbitration proceedings against the Government of Turkmenistan.
  • Members of the Omnia Strategy team have advised investors on bilateral investment treaties in anticipation of arbitration proceedings and advised on intelligence-led risk assessments in structuring their investments and joint ventures.

  • International arbitration
  • Omnia Strategy is acting as Counsel to an African mining services company faced with the prospect of ICC proceedings in connection with a contractual dispute with an international mining conglomerate.

  • Settlement & Mediation
  • Omnia Strategy has successfully mediated a charterparty claim between a West African maritime services company and the owners of a major international shipping fleet.
  • Omnia Strategy has successfully resolved a complex dispute between an international security company and a counterparty based in the Horn of Africa involving contractual and criminal allegations.


Strategic Communications

Omnia Strategy acts as a trusted advisor to Governments, private individuals and multinationals to create, support and implement effective communication strategies. Omnia Strategy advises clients on narrative and message development, issues and crisis management and stakeholder and media engagement.

Omnia Strategy also advises private clients on international reputation matters and philanthropy.

  • Reputation & crisis management

  • Stakeholder & media engagement

  • Government relations

  • Effective Philanthropy


Strategic Communications
Case Studies

Media and stakeholder engagement
Omnia Strategy advised on a strategic communications and stakeholder engagement action plan for a major infrastructure project in Africa.

  • Creating the overall narrative;
  • Identifying key strategic partners;
  • Drafting tailored media material;
  • Setting up interviews with high profile international media; and
  • Building relationships with key partners in the UK and abroad.

Reputation Management
Omnia Strategy provided legal and reputational counsel to a number of private clients from around the world. Utilising traditional methods and our high level network, Omnia Strategy has been successful in protecting our clients’ reputations against defamatory allegations as well as ensuring fall-out was contained and managed swiftly and comprehensively.